DIYFIX Vape DIY Tool Set Bag Ceramic Tweezers Pliers Heat Wire Pliers Ohm Tester for Electronic Cigarette RBA RDA Atomizer Tank

DIYFIX Vape DIY Tool Set Bag Ceramic Tweezers Pliers Heat Wire Pliers Ohm Tester for Electronic Cigarette RBA RDA Atomizer Tank
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Oписание продукта

The 2 year warranty, 7 day trial, accessories for copper 3C certified power line 1. Deep in the water industry, the product line is based on Lehmann as a reference, PCB layout, component selection, chassis shape, are very close to the original machine, the price is not water, quality can be compared TAOBAO those thousands of so-called direct cut machine, families are now only to flaunt one element for their honor not feeling, really understand the original play the villain in the circuit so.

About Lehmann architecture circuit

This product is a reference from the Lehmann circuit amp, amp circuit of a fancier high visibility, and Graham Slee Solo amp is around 5000 yuan price of well-known models (brand). Lehmann amp was known as the Sennheiser HD650 best partner in the game player, in Europe and the United States exhibition and professional audio studio is also said to have had a good reputation, and is also a lot of fancier as the Rolls-Royce amp, amp with headset signal output two 6.35 mm diameter interface, with Lehmann in 300 ohm when using the headset the output power is 200mW, the output power can reach 400mW with 60 ohm impedance of the headset is used, and the frequency range between 10Hz-35kHz and bipolar ratio can reach more than 95dB, the outstanding performance of the sound quality have been the consistent high praise

About materials

  • Transformers: new British origin Talema fever ring cattle, if more delicate natural.
  • Main filter electrolysis: new PHILPS original (RS sourcing) 40V 4700uF. The purchase price reduction of up to 45 yuan, other businesses in general will be replaced by electrolysis or other brand PHILPS compaq.
  • Input coupling capacitor: new SIEMENS non pole audio capacitor, very low loss (MKP non MKT comparable)
  • Other small capacity capacitors: new WIMA electrodeless capacitor, sourced from regular agents
  • Transistor: RS source new original BD139 BD140; BC 550 BC560, and paired with tester.
  • Resistance: new British WEL no sense resistance, than other stores ordinary DALE VIS resistance more transparent
  • Other: original ALPS RK27 potentiometer; Neutrik 6.35 headphone output seat; TYCO self recovery insurance
  • Connection: imported 4N oxygen free copper audio signal line

    1, product parameters
    Frequency range: 10Hz-35kHz.
    Adaptive impedance: 8-2k
    Distortion: < 0.001% (6mW/300 Europe)
    Output power: 200mW/300 euro; 400mW/60
    Input interface: RCA interface x 1, USB interface *
    Output interface: 6.3mm interface x 2, RCA interface
    Input impedance 47K ohm;
    Frequency response 10Hz (-0.3dB) -35KHz (-1dB);
    Output power 300 ohm /200mW, 60 ohm /400mW;
    Size: 280x110x44mm;
    Weight 1.5Kg



About use

  • First must understand the habit of using the correct sound system, the amp shutdown state, the volume knob close to the minimum, the first open source, open the amp, then gradually increase the volume, thus avoiding the impact to the moment of starting the headset
  • There is a new equipment during the aging process, suggested that the new machine is energized during the week, the general 2~3 can enter into a better state.
  • OP choice: Lehmann original machine is the use of OPA2134PA Dual OP AMP, our factory is the standard op amp. We configure the amplifier circuit board socket, customers can try to replace other Dual OP AMP (don\'t plug in the opposite direction)
  • Gain selection: amp factory default settings 10dB gain. HD650/600 recommendations set to 10DB, specific to the individual sense of hearing prevail. Warm tip: set the best time to turn off the power supply, and the volume down to the minimum


Gain adjustment can refer to the figure (left and right channel symmetry)

BC capacitor(PHILPS) more than and 40 genuine 1, is the energy core components

Japan Chemical LXZ high frequency low resistance capacitance

The United States TI (Texas Instruments, referred to as: TI) OPA2134PA is a high-end product of TI company, and the original machine core line amplifier

The original WELWYN 50ppm 1% precision, resistance, temperature drift, extremely stable effect, for analog circuit, frequency bandwidth is wide, if carefully balanced, medium body and digital circuit for no noise, detail enough, all copper pins ensure current strength.

Absolutely better than DLAE background, details rich, and very delicate

Japan high-precision ALPS27 potentiometer, channel balance without error, feel good, long life.

British imported Talema transformer, the background is very quiet, pure energy, compared to the original transformer, the voice is more resistant to natural hearing.

BD139-16 BD140-16 and ON BD139 140 ST is not the same, there are more good linearity, better sound quality, you can upgrade the Lehmann and A1 amp, obvious effect, better level

The original Genuine Swiss Neutrik 6.35 gold plated socket socket TREK headset button

The engine is more upscale many American CMC 24K gold plated RCA terminal, oxidation resistance, low resistance, transmission performance is very good

Lehmann had just come out when the promotional document has been zero feedback message, high precision and matching parts advertised.
The following reference from the product promotional documents:
We all know that negative feedback is used to reduce the distortion and increase the bandwidth for the cheapest and best method, but it also makes a quick ear sound fans hate, Lei Ming said he knew whether the loop feedback amplifier design. Usually, the crystal capacity to reach zero feedback is relatively easy, the vacuum tube machine is difficult, unless the high in spite of distortion. Lei Ming said he now used vacuum tubes after the level is zero or negative feedback design, but has not yet entered nirvana, so the sound performance is not ideal. For Audio Note M-10 front, ray Ming is also highly sure that this silver version of the front level can be very subtle sound strength changes appear, so that the original music should have a sense of living reproduce. In the end is how to distinguish good rayme zero negative feedback? He said is very simple, is to listen to music subtle performance. If the performance is still weak strength change is very clear, that means the feedback quantity with very little or zero feedback. Usually, this difference occurs most often in violin playing. Lei Ming for the photo of Midori Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto (Philips 420-943) as an example, say if you hear the sound of violins and no live music, face rigid, it is probably too much amount of feedback amplifier. If zero negative feedback machine, you will hear Midori played very fine string dynamics, musical expression is very active. Yes, I agree with Lei Ming said, some speakers could not get the amplifier or slight change in the show, that we misunderstood player skill flat, that is, "manslaughter zhongliang".......

Summary: This looks very ordinary op amp plus buffer circuit. Adjusted component parameters by the authors. With the high resistance Sennheiser headset showing steady and delicate, calmly, with characteristic music full of fan is commendable.